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Why a child may bully – no child is born this way

There are many reasons why a child may bully, but no child is born this way. Its cause is unfortunate learned behaviour that specialised therapy can change. A bully is also a victim. Intolerance, particularly towards difference, may have been instilled at home. Or at...

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Being bullied is serious – it causes anger, shame and isolation

Being bullied is serious - it causes anger, shame and isolation, making a child’s life feel like hell. Maarit Rivers tells why, and how a parent can assist. Bullying is not generally about playground squabbles. Although a child sorts out squabbles and disagreements, a...

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Sandplay therapy – how and why it works

Sandplay therapy is unconventional, creative and primarily nonverbal. It is vital for a child too traumatised to talk. Here's why and how it works. It works for adults too. For example, as Jung explains: 'Often the hands know how to solve the riddle with which the...

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Children are scared by TV news

Children are scared by TV news that shows violence, shootings, terrorist attacks, wars, disasters and plane crashes - or even show dead or hurt children. There is rarely anything positive. Such news distresses adults. For children it is even more so.      Children are...

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Knowing when a child needs therapy – here’s how to tell

Knowing when a child needs therapy can be far from clear: not all are good at communicating distress. Maarit Rivers explains how and why.      Life can be challenging not just for adults, but for children too. Some children need specialised help to cope with...

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