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Maarit Rivers, Child Therapist

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Sandplay therapy – how and why it works

Sandplay therapy is unconventional, creative and primarily nonverbal. It is vital for a child too traumatised to talk. Here’s why and how it works. It works for adults too. For example, as Jung explains: ‘Often the hands know how to solve the riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain.

For sandplay therapy, the therapist provides two trays. On is filled with dry sand, the other with moist sand. The therapist has also miniatures of every conceivable kind. Together, sand, water and miniatures enable a client to explore, create, venture and play. In effect to build a three dimensional picture.

Sandplay therapy needs no language

A sandplay therapist’s client is thus freed of trying to explain inner feelings, emotions, bodily sensations and images in words. They are expressed by parts of the brain that have no verbal language. Such therapy is thus invaluable when working with adults and children alike. . . Click here to read more.

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