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Therapy and Services

Therapy and services

Maarit Rivers’ therapy for adults and children Northern Beaches suits those who prefer doing to talking. The therapy goes beyond culture and language.

Maarit Rivers can help adults, children and their families to cope with stress. Stress stirs up variety of emotional and behavioural issues. Some children need extra support to deal with problematic feelings. Even when these children are from loving and supporting families. Problems can occur when there is no adequate outlet for airing feelings. Without treatment, issues may lead to aggression, violence, depression and personality disorders. Young children express their feeling differently from adults. When you notice problematic type of behaviour mentioned below, it is time to contact a therapist, such as myself.


Problem behaviours include:

Mood swings such as being joyful one minute, tearful the next.

Lack or sudden change of appetite, developing complaints such as not feeling well, bellyache or headache, particularly when the doctor confirms there is nothing physically wrong.


Bullying or bullied.

A child is withdrawn or socially isolated.

Lost the interest of previously enjoyed activities.

Separation anxiety.

A child refuses to, or goes reluctantly to school.

Drops in school performance.

Schoolwork becomes sloppy, or a child refuses to do it.

Being sulky, angry, aggressive, or acts out.

Being depressed, sad or tearful.

Having nightmares, sleeping badly or bed-wetting.


Maarit Rivers therapy for adults and children helps you and your families to cope with issues such as

Communication problems.

Developmental delays.


Learning or attention deficit problem (ADHD).

Problems adjusting to separation, divorce or moving house.

Bereavement of a death of a family member or a pet.

A child is or a family member is seriously or chronically ill.

Traumatic events.

Any form of abuse towards the child or a family member.

Substance abuse of a family member.

Imprisonment of a family member.

Maarit Rivers’ therapy for adults and children is particularly effective because:

The therapy bypasses the cognitive thinking and goes directly to deeper subconsious part of the brain. This speeds the change that is needed. People learn and accept the change quicker by doing instead of talking. One picture can replace thousand words.  Children under the age of twelve lacks sufficiently developed brains to think in abstract ways. They are not able to express themselves fully in words. The language of a young child is imagery and symbols. Toys are their words, play their sentences. Metaphorical expressions go straight to the core issues and help to sort them out faster than talking.

The therapy enables children to ‘play out’ their feelings and problems. Maarit’s therapy uses ways of communicating through sandplay, play, puppets, art, music and movement. A Child experiences it as fun.

What are the benefits of this kind of therapy?

Increased self-esteem. Improved communication and understanding.

Improved well being.

Assists to develop physically, emotionally and socially.

Fosters imagination and creativity.

Establishes relationships.

Encourages confidence and concentration.

Helps to make friends.

Allows learning from mistakes safely.

Gives strategies to cope with difficulties in life and what cannot be changed.

Provided a more positive view of future in life.


One-on-one counselling and therapy.

Small groups.


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