Maarit Rivers

Therapist Supervisor

Northern Beaches, NSW

0417 462 115

Maarit Rivers is a trauma-informed creative arts therapist and supervisor.

  • MA Art Therapy
  • BA Counselling;
  • BA Applied Psychology
  • Art Sand and Play Therapist
  • Member of ACA & ANZACATA

I have been working as a creative arts therapist in private consulting rooms in Northern Beaches, NSW,  since 2011.

I previously worked in Stewart House School, Sydney, as Student Welfare Officer supporting students in their spiritual, social, and emotional well-being.

Before moving to Sydney, I worked in Broome as a counsellor in regional prison, women’s refuge, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre and privately as a therapist for children and teenagers.

Therapy room

Maarit Rivers’ therapy helps you to put the joy back in your life.

Do you want to become more connected, empowered, energised, resilient, calmer and joyful?

Do you want to master uncertainty? Do you want clarity to sort things out when you feel uncertain? May it be in your personal relationships, work or health.

Do you want to lift the veil of depression, anxiety, worry or past trauma to feeling well and joyful?

I am working with the belief that people have the capacity to change and heal.

Please, contact me to schedule an appointment.


Sandplay Therapy

In sandplay therapy the client creates a physical version of his or her imagined world using sandtray and miniature objects. In a sandtray, a client’s inner feeling becomes visible. Healing follows. read more

Art Therapy

In art therapy the client creates art drawing, painting, and sculpture. The emphasis is on the creating process rather than result. Art therapy aids the client to have a supervised release. read more

Verbal Therapy

Talking helps to untangle the thread of your life story and puts it into a coherent narrative. Or the dilemma that you have been trying to solve. It is your choice if you only talk or combine your talking with creative activity.

Play Therapy

In play therapy the child’s experiences, knowledge and anxieties are made known to the therapist through play. This uses musical instruments, balls, puppets, and outdoor and indoor areas. read more

Write to Maarit. Your message will be treated with strict confidentiality.

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