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Maarit Rivers, Child Therapist

Ph: 0417 462 115

Church Point / Mona Vale
NSW 2105

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

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Maarit Rivers M.A.

Maarit Rivers M.A.

Therapist Supervisor

I am a warm, compassionate and creative psychologist/ counsellor/ therapist/ supervisor. I use long proven and accepted creative techniques, such as art- sandplay- and play therapy. These therapies extend beyond culture and language. My practice is in the Northern Beaches of Sydney with calming views over tranquil Pittwater.

I have extensive therapeutic experience with children and adults of varying cultural, religious, socio-economic and racial backgrounds.


Maarit is a fully qualified Therapist and Supervisor 

  • MA Art Therapy
  • BA Counselling;
  • BA Applied Psychology
  • Provisional Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy
  • Advanced Post Graduate Training in Sandplay Therapy
  • Clinical Member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
  • Member of ACA College of Supervisors
  • APPTA Registered Play Therapist Supervisor
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Maarit Rivers’  therapy helps you to put the joy back in your and your child’s life.

Life can be challenging not just for you but for your child too. Even those from loving and supportive families may need specialised help to cope with problematic feelings. Parents may assume children ‘grow out of’ whatever is troubling them. Some do, but not all – depending on their personality and resilience. Problems occur when the you or your child has no adequate way of communicating the distress. As few can do this in words such issues may lead to aggression, violence, depression and personality disorders. Maarit Rivers can truly assist you and your child. Make an appointment now.

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Sandplay Therapy

In sandplay therapy the client creates a physical version of his or her imagined world using sandtray and miniature objects. In a sandtray, a client’s inner feeling becomes visible. Healing follows. read more

Art Therapy

In art therapy the client creates art drawing, painting, and sculpture. The emphasis is on the creating process rather than result. Art therapy aids the client to have a supervised release. read more

Play Therapy

In play therapy the child’s experiences, knowledge and anxieties are made known to the therapist through play. This uses musical instruments, balls, puppets, and outdoor and indoor areas. read more

Verbal Therapy

In verbal therapy the client is encouraged to tell stories about their art, sandplay and play. This puts the  whole brain to work, and helps them to make sense of their world and concerns. Or simply just talk about the issues.

Write to Maarit. Your message will be treated with strict confidentiality.


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