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Maarit Rivers, Child Therapist

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Maarit Rivers’ Therapy

Maarit Rivers - child therapy

Maarit Rivers has spent years in remedial, counselling, child therapy and therapeutic disciplines. Maarit’s therapy practice covers the Northern Beaches, near Mona Vale.

Maarit has spent 15 years in remedial, psychological, counselling and therapeutic work for children and adults. She uses sandplay, play therapy, art therapy and verbal counselling. Her experience includes major trauma such as suicide, and serious physical violence, sexual and other abuse. She also treats anxiety, stress, depression, bereavement, loss and other conditions. She works with behavioural problems, unhappiness, developmental delays, ADHD and autistic children.

In recent years, Maarit Rivers worked at Stewart House School* on Sydney’s Northern Beach area. There, she supported distressed children in their social and emotional wellbeing. She engaged with students individually and in groups. She also designed and delivered social skills programs.

Maarit Rivers lived in Broome for ten years. Broome is a multi-cultural community. (About 50% are Indigenous, 50% are 40 different nationalities.) She ran one-on-one counselling and therapy with adults, children and teenagers.  She provided counselling and support for Broome Circle House clients (a local community initiative) and for Millya Rumurra Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre residents, and their children. She also designed and delivered presentations and workshops.

Maarit Rivers developed and delivered an anger management workshop for female prisoners in Broome Regional Prison.  Recognising that some prisoners had no literacy skills she used art, movement, music, storytelling and visualisation.

Maarit Rivers also developed and ran an 18-months pilot and research project for the WA Dept. of Child Protection. The project involved children accompanying their mothers in Broome women’s refuge, Marnja Jarndu. She developed programs to help children build self-esteem, implement self-protective behaviours, resilience and increase their welfare and wellbeing. The program also provided family, relationship and individual counselling throughout the Dampier Peninsula, and the Bidyanga, Derby and Gibb River Road Aboriginal communities.

Also in the Aboriginal area, Maarit Rivers adapted and further developed existing personal growth and relationships seminars to be culturally appropriate.

Maarit Rivers also developed and ran a regular weekly half hour radio programme on the fully Aborigine-owned and run radio/TV station Koolarri Media.

She also provided extensive training, support and therapy for child witnesses in court proceedings for Victim Support and Child Witness Support Services.

Maarit is originally from Finland, but has lived in Australia for over 40 years. She also lived in Sweden, England and Germany. She has travelled the world extensively and is conversant with and comfortable with various cultures.

Languages: Fluent in English (Cambridge University Certificate in English), Finnish and Swedish, and some German

Maarit Rivers is now running a child therapy practice in Church Point, near Northern Beaches Mona Vale, overlooking tranquil Pittwater.

Maarit is a mother of two boys.


Master in Art Therapy

BA in Counselling (High Distinction in Aboriginal Studies)

BA in Applied Psychology,

BA (Swedish equivalent) in Graphic Design.

The Counselling degree was obtained at the mainly Aboriginal-oriented Broome campus of Notre Dame University. The Applied Psychology degree was completed at Notre Dame University in Fremantle. Maarit Rivers’ Master of Art Therapy was completed at Western Sydney University.


Advanced Post Graduate Training in Sandplay Therapy (USA),

Post Graduate Diploma in Play Therapy

Diploma in English from Cambridge University (UK).

She is a Clinical Member of Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

Member of ACA College of Supervisors

Diploma of Remedial Massage

Certificate of Competence in Yoga Teaching


Working with Children (NSW and WA Police)

Criminal Record Screening Clearance

St John Level 1 in Child Life Support

St John Ambulance Senior First Aid.


Professional Supervision, Optimise Potential, ACA (Australian Counselling Association)

Childhood Trauma Conference: Understanding the basis of change and recovery

(Australian Childhood Foundation)

Polyvagal Theory, Oxytocin and the Neurobiology of Love and Attachment – A seminar with Dr Stephen Porges and Dr Sue Carter (Australian Childhood Foundation)

The Body Remembers – A seminar with Dr Babette Rothschild

(Australian Childhood Foundation)

Beyond Survival – A seminar with Dr Dan Siegel

Using recent developments in the practices of interpersonal neurobiology to promote enduring recovery from violence related trauma. (Australian Childhood Foundation)

The Neurobiology of Childhood Trauma and Attachment – A seminar with Dr Allan Schore (Australian Childhood Foundation)

Protective Behaviours Community Way (Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council)

Protective Behaviours (Advanced) (Protective Behaviours WA Inc)

Therapy for Child Sexual Abuse Victims (Anglicare)

Positive Psychology Seminar (Vajrayana Institute, Sydney)

Drumbeat Therapeutic Program for Youth (Holyoake)

Therapy for families with disabled children (Anglicare).

Maarit is currently working towards Accreditation for International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST)

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*Stewart House School is a short twelve-day respite stay for public school children. These children have special needs such as ill health, emotional or other distress, family problems, financial or social disadvantage, neglect, or isolation. The school’s aim is to promote the children’s social and emotional competence and to enhance their self-care skills, independence, and resilience. The school also provides children with health services.



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