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Maarit Rivers, Child Therapist

Ph: 0417 462 115

Church Point / Mona Vale
NSW 2105

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

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Church Point, NSW

0417 462 115
Monday to Friday
8.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday 8.00am to 4.00pm

My therapy helps you to put the joy back in your child’s life

This long established therapy especially suites children who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect. It is also suited for children not achieving to their maximum socially, culturally, physically and/or academically. Your child might need help for grief and loss. Is your child angry, anxious or withdrawn? Does your child need help to cope with separation or divorce?

Problems start when a child has no way of expressing his or her inevitable deep feelings and emotions. I assist to resolve them.

Whilst usually unable to talk about inner problems, young children can and do express their problems in imagery and symbols. In my form of therapy, I use art, sandplay, play and talk. Your child experiences it as play but is deeply engaged in their inner self. Such play reveals their feelings and problems. This also helps them creatively and to think laterally. They learn to use this skill in other aspects of their life.

Children under twelve are rarely able to use words to express trauma or deep inner emotions. This   inability to convey their anguish may lead to myriad problems: aggression, violence and self-harm, depression, non-talking, nightmares, bedwetting, school refusal, lack of confidence, lack of friends, and bullying or being a bully.

How I can assist your child

I help a child to increase self-esteem, improve wellbeing, and foster imagination and creativity. I help the child to gain or regain confidence and concentration. I help the child to improve communication and understanding. I assist the child to develop emotionally and socially. I also allow the child to make mistakes and to learn from them safely. I teach the child to implement strategies to cope with difficult situations that cannot be changed. I assist your child to form a positive view of current and future life, and to establish new relationships and gain friends. I also provide your child the support they need – not only to face life’s challenges but also to develop inner resourcefulness. I assist your child to grow happily and confidently.

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