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Making your child resilient

Making your child resilient enables them to recover quickly from setbacks and difficulties and be well adjusted, adaptable brave and proud of whom they are. You can build your child’s resilience by several ways: that most important is for you to let your child know that you love him or her unconditionally.

Making your child resilient – listen to what your child says

Listen to what your child is telling you. Making your child resilient requires you to give your full, undivided attention. Let your child know that you value what they have to say. Do not use ‘why’. Use ‘how’ instead. This helps a child to start to find their own solutions and elaborate in their telling.

Encourage friendships. A resilient child has a sense of belonging. A resilient child knows that they can count on support from friends and family. Enlist grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, neighbours and teachers for social support.

Encourage your child to ask for and accept help when needed.

Have routines and rules. Let the child know if they do not follow these rules there are consequences. Keep it consistent.

Encourage your child to try hard things, make decisions, and not to give up too easily. Let your child know that you are confident that they can achieve what they are set out to do. Trust that your child is able to make personal decisions. It is important to the child to realise that they can master and achieve things just by their own action.

Let your child fail and make mistakes. Do not rush to rescue immediately. This builds their ability to bounce back and stand on their own feet and, learning from their mistakes, to try again.

Help your child solve problems by questioning different solutions. If things are not possible to change, teach the child to focus on things that can be to make the situation better.